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The User Experience

Indue is a leading financial solutions company which specialises in payment and settlement products. These software products offer Indue's client companies flexibility in accepting payments and settlements across a wide array of industries.

Indue approached Experience Digital with the concept for a new product they wanted to launch: a pre-paid credit card which required a UI/UX design. The design would need to be white label as Indue clients, such as Westpac and Coles would need to be able to rebrand the product to suit their guidelines.

We called Experience Digital because we needed something done and it we needed it "yesterday". They are an agency that truly go above and beyond when it comes to client satisfaction.

- Matt Adney, Indue

Experienced Design

White label design is its own challenge. To design something which can be used and will be appropriate with any branding colour scheme and logo is something that is often requested but obviously requires a different way of thinking about design than a single branding system.

The design needs to be more general and even more focussed on the workflow rather than the visual experience.

The designs we provided for Indue did just that; focussed on the user. Everything from the iconography to the button placement was shopped extensively until the system felt intuitive and usable even while only in wireframe.

This kind of design is all about the experience of the designer providing an experience for the user.

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