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The business required a new ticketing and voting system which automated much of the business administration. Each entrant needed a portal and a unique page where they could enter their information, receive votes, review their progress, provide photographs and purchase tickets for events. Every stage of this process needed to be automated, logged, reportable and have administrative overview.

Thus the system was, at the consumer level an awards profile management URL and at the administrative level an Enterprise Management System and account keeping platform.

Experience Digital continually exceeded our expectations when it came to understanding and simplifying the way we do business.

- Steve Loe, Director, Precedent Productions

Unique Challenges

This opportunity provided Experience Digital with some unique challenges.

It is a fairly standard procedure for new starters at a business functioning on a single EMS to have their first few weeks dominated by 'learning the system'. The reason why this is the case is because EMS's are traditionally extremely powerful but unintuitive software suites which are modularised to allow for customised functionality. This customised functionality comes at the cost of the user experience. You have to know where a particular function is to be able to use it, and you generally have to be taught how to find and use it before you fully understand it.

Merging power and utility usually leaves aesthetic and experience concerns by the wayside. While this is the norm and is therefore expected we didn't see any reason why a system built by us couldn't be easy to use, follow standard rules of graphic design, provide a pleasurable user experience all the while maintaining the power and utility expected of an EMS and Account keeping platform.

With this goal firmly in mind our design team went to work, mapping out all the necessary functions and ensuring that workflow paths and functions were intuitively designed and easy to navigate. Being a bespoke system 'customisation' did not need to leave the system with esoteric workflows and functions, rather customisation was the system from the ground up: built solely to operate for and with every stakeholder of the Local Business Awards.

The Results

The result was a system that was powerful, automated and eased administrative burdens while also being easy to use and easy to understand.

The system is also being continuously improved, with new bespoke functions being added monthly and designed in conjunction with the growing needs of the Local Business Awards, our partners in ensuring that small and local businesses get the recognition they have earned and deserve.

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