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Australia Wide System

IPAR is Australia's largest occupational health provider. Operating across all of mainland Australia IPAR is an award winning service provider that offers the highest possible return to work expertise to all its clients.

IPAR was seeking a digital agency to design and develop a new system which would assist them with connecting to their patients.

The project was entitled "Positivum" and was to be a tailored questionnaire system, with weighted answers and an intelligent reporting tool which tracked a patient's progress through the treatment program.

A System for Patients

The Positivum system was designed by in-house and developed in Node.js on the Meteor framework. The system had to comply with Australian Privacy Principles as they relate to the holding of medical data and so stringent security measures were taken to ensure we met these requirements.

The system also had to be easy to use and dynamic. Occupational Therapy patients are not a specific demographic, so the system had to cater to everyone and anyone no matter what device someone is using or how web savvy they are. The system engages the user, making sure that it is as easy as possible to complete the survey so that the IPAR representatives receive their patient feedback as soon as possible.

Positivum is now being used to contact Occupational Therapy patients Australia wide and is providing much needed feedback to their IPAR health care providers.

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