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The Power of a Fleet

Car Fleets provide monetary and service benefits to their members. A car fleet comes with a lot of buying power. With thousands of members a fleet management company can offer its members bulk buying power.

The only problem here is that belonging to a fleet often means you have to purchase or lease a new car, which is obviously not open to everyone. It's also usually offered as a benefit of working for a specific company or in an industry that offers the ability to enter into a fleet arrangement.

Thus the fleet system, as fantastic as it is to its members, isn't available to everyone.

MeFleet will change this by offering fleet benefits to members for a small subscription fee. Members have the ability to access a myriad of services including fuel discounts, car servicing discounts and even gift card discounts.

The System

The System designed and developed by Experience Digital allows the user to take control of their MeFleet experience. The system is a multi-tiered subscription service, meaning that a user can sign up for the base package, or upgrade their package with a number of extra services for a month to month cost.

These recurrent subscription models are then tracked by the System and reported to administrators so that users are provided with exactly the level of service they have opted for. Users can even have multiple levels of subscription at the same time, depending on the needs of their individual cars.

Experience Digital also ensured that automation of the sign up and referral process and e-commerce portions of the website. All these processes involved 12 API integrations with service and e-commerce providers, reflecting API information to the user in real-time.

This all sits behind a state of the art marketing experience, which guides the user through the benefits of MeFleet, allowing them to sign up at their discretion and, eventually add cars to their subscription allowing them to access their subscribed benefits.

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