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A Modern Platform

Scribbles is an off the shelf product designed and developed entirely in-house here at Experience Digital.

The Scribbles platform is designed to assist Child Care administrators/centres with centre management by automating and logging all possible administrative tasks within a single system.

An automated solution

In designing the platform we worked with child care centres to find out exactly what they needed from an off the shelf product. Instead of looking at improving already existing software solutions we looked at the problems and frustrations facing administrators day to day.

The immediate response was staffing. Staffing in a logistical hurdle that all administrators must leap every single day. Staffing levels and competency are set by governmental regulation; there must be X amount of staff for Y age group per room.

In order to ensure that the centre is compliant the administrator must be on top of this from the first thing every morning. Absenteeism, even for very good reasons such as serious illness can play havoc with the efficient running of a centre. This staffing issue takes up much of an administrator's early morning time which could be put to other uses if some form of software assistance were made available.

The Scribbles system automates this process. If a staffer is unable to come to work they log their inability to attend via an intuitive and personalised online portal. The system then identifies suitable replacements from a pre-prepared roster and, via SMS organises for the replacement. When the replacement SMS's back that they can attend it then logs the new attendee within the system.

This automation takes the logistical problem away from the administrator so that they are free to work on other business development programs.

The Scribbles platform runs every aspect of the administration, from governmental reporting, to room allocation, to rostering, to invoicing, to enrollment the scribbles platform can assist a centre operate efficiently, taking as much frustration out of the administration as possible.

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