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Client Management

The Southern Cross University were awarded the tender to deliver the Farmer's Co-operative and Collaboration Pilot Program to Australian Agriculture.

Their first job: put together a plan as to what to deliver. This was accomplished over a lengthy period of time, as you first need to understand the landscape and the scope of what you need to accomplish.

Extensive research was conducted. This research allowed Southern Cross University to understand the exact parameters of their delivery, and the people for whom they were delivering. As a result of this research the SCU were able to finalise their delivery plan.

They assembled a qualified group of individuals. These individuals were then placed in charge of delivery. Southern Cross University's promise to Australia: to assist farmers with services and education, to help them level a playing field deemed too steep for fair competition.

The Digital Solution

It was determined that an out of the box digital solution would not fit the complexity of this 3 year program. How could it? Out of box solutions are for cookie cutter situations. This was something wholly new, a risk and an incredible chance to do something for Australian Farmers.

Thus the Southern Cross University was looking for an agency who could work with it to develop a new system, something which was tailored to the needs of the program. A team which would deliver on esoteric needs and who would do so within timeframes. A team which would help SCU determine best practice in an unexplored area of service delivery.

In the simplest terms SCU needed a team to deliver a system which worked and which evolved.

The Client Relationship Management Solution

Experience Digital was chosen in a rigorous process. The System guidelines are strong, however the System's entire scope vague... but that's exactly as it should be in an untested program. A Pilot Program is meant to test, to refine, to give the world new best-practice solutions and learn from it's own experiences.

We were chosen because this is our strength. We don't ask who, we don't hesitate at the when and we don't baulk at why. It's our job to ask, and answer the inevitable how; how do we deliver this function that the System requires? How do we merge these two disparate systems? How do we make it all work? In the end our team's strength is their ability to think outside the box, a strength they have turned into working, deliverable systems time and time again.

An Unlikely Source of Inspiration

One of our team members reviewed the needs of the System and identified the similarities to another area of Service Delivery: Insurance Case Management. Workflow management solutions for Case Managers are highly specialised and allow Case Managers to effectively operate under huge case loads. With this in mind we began drawing our solution, one which borrowed workflow concepts from Insurance Case Management.

The solution thus far entails many best practice solutions from Case Management systems. However, unlike most case management solutions where there is a case number and where the subject of the case is external to the process, we need to build a system where the Farmer is an involved stakeholder. We can't take the Farmer out of the process, that wouldn't be living up to the spirit of the program.

The System needs to help the Delivery Team to do their job, it needs to be compassionate, it needs to offer flexibility within a role, and enough rigidity to limit human error.

Multi-Stage Delivery

We are delivering this System in stages, as the needs of the system are identified and scoped. These stages are to be discrete deliverables in order to get the program rolling and get Farmers the assistance they need.

This means we will have to plan very, very well. Each deliverable has to work with those that came before it, and those that come after. Our Transition to Business as Usual plans are thankfully robust and we are regulars to multi-stage deliverables. Even so, this challenge is exciting for its complexity.

Thankfully the first stage is already up and running. Farmers can login and perform their first diagnostic to determine eligibility. A delivery team member can login and review this data. We are already capturing the needs of Australian Farmers. This was done ahead of schedule.

Now all that's left is delivering on those needs.

Watch this space because great things are coming very, very soon.

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