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A Modular approach

The task was modularised and approached in three separate blocks. The first task was to provide WMA Water with a browser portal through which they could log their timesheets and track their leave. The second and third modules involved the design and development of their project control systems, data storage and invoicing.

Bringing modern design to such a prestigious firm was an amazing opportunity for Experience Digital who respects WMA Water for their work and their professionalism.

The design that we chose to go with was based on material design concepts where every element and function on the screen is elementally intuitive.

In updating the user interface of the system we were also tasked with streamlining several workflow issues on the administrative side of the business. Specifically how administrators interacted with the system with regard to invoicing and reporting.

Updating workflows

Workshopping new workflow systems for a business as high profile as WMA Water, who are respected Australia wide for their meticulous processes, was a task that our design team fell to with a sense of responsibility that befit the project. We worked very closely with our project coordinators at WMA Water and collaboration was key to ensuring the deliverables matched the needs of the organisation.

We are very proud of the system that now helps one of Australia's premier engineering firms provide their expert services to the governments of Australia.

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