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The Toll roads Memorandum of Understanding Website (Toll MOU for short) was in dire need of an upgrade.

The Toll MOU is a series of documents which detail the understanding between some of Australia's largest tolling agencies. These documents that help ensure that a roads user can travel across Australia using just one tolling device and they set out crucial information for all signatory organisations as to standards of upkeep and other essential items.

As such the Toll MOU website must make it easy to access this information and contact all parties when documentation has been altered or added.

As it was the website was lacking some functionality and utilised an older form of design which made it unintuitive to use.

The Upgrade

The website was designed in-house and developed in ASP.NET and CakePHP.

In tendering for this job Experience Digital reflected on the importance of the project and the focus of the website.

As a result the designs we put forward were elegant and required as little of the user as possible.

The end product reflects this initial design choice. Using the website is intuitive, easy and pleasing. We have made it very easy to find relevant information and informing all parties as to updates is a simple, in system function which is intuitive and accessible.

We are very proud of this website and of what this website represents, the coming together of large companies for the betterment of all.

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