The Nebula is where new ideas can shine

The Nebula Project was launched by Black Nova Group to assist entrepreneurs and established businesses in bringing new ideas to life.

What is Nebula?

Nebula is an investment in the future.

The Nebula investment path by Black Nova Group and your business is two way: Black Nova Group supports all of your business processes and is invested in your growth. We provide cost reduced design, development, CTO and administrative support. In return Experience Digital will take an portion of equity in the project or business.

At its core Nebula is about reducing the risk which all new projects and big ideas naturally entail. We invest in your idea so we can build something great, together.

Benefits of the program


As mentioned, Nebula is a program where we seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships. These relationships grow and create successful products, entrepreneurs and world class companies to the benefit of all members.

In Equity we Believe

In providing the benefits above, Black Nova Group is provided with a portion of equity in the venture, business or project. This is an investment and in providing this equity our members can boast ongoing support, quality relationships, an ever growing experience pool and the technical expertise of a world class digital agency.

Complementary entities moving forward as one.

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